Who is Rene Hoy & How Can She Help You with Your Skincare?

A passionate Skincare Advisor Focused on helping, damaged her own skin, didn't know what to do for relief...

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My journey as a Skincare Assistant began after I accidentally damaged my own skin. As the mother of 4 boys under the age of 8, trying to get a shower everyday was a challenge. Trying to wash my face everyday was not an option. Going to the store to stare at isles of face wash, toner & moisturizer was not a priority for me. I just used whatever face wash my husband had in the shower.

My skin went from being combination to really red, dry and itchy. I found relief when I started using a set of products that were designed to treat my skin. Within a week, people were stopping me at the store asking what I used on my face. My dry, red, itchy skin was gone and replaced by a healthy, bright, radiant complexion.

I just want to help others find the right products for their skin type so they can achieve the skin of their dreams too.

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